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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Apr 3, 2019

Susan Nefzger began exploring self awareness in the early 1980's as a result of reading “Many Lives Many Masters,” by Brian Weiss, M.D. and attending his workshops.

 After moving to Atlanta as a member of the Georgia Lottery start-up team, Susan began a self-actualization quest which  included studying many spiritual practices, a favorite guru being Self Realization Fellowship Founder, Paramahansa Yogananda. A veteran public relations professional over a highly substantive 30 year career, Susan traveled around the world seeking answers on her quest and received them in the form of the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writing  and founder Julia McCutchen. This led to attending a retreat in Glastonbury, UK in May of 2015, where the words of this book flowed forth in a torrent of inspiration.  Becoming aligned with a creative consciousness provided the impetus to write and complete this book, its companion workbook, “Putting Awareness Into Practice” and beginning a poetry blog, “Seeing Beyond the Ordinary” which is accompanied by her nature photography.

Susan resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where she writes, reads, works and take photos of nature.

 In this episode, Susan shared her journey from dreaming about writing a book to making it a reality, when she listened to her inner awareness and the "nudge" to attend a workshop in Glastonbury, Uk. Through the channeled wisdom and guidance of Mary Magdalene Susan completed her book—A Practical Guide to Awareness. The story illustrates the practical guide—as through the doubts, fears, trials and persecution of the women who stay true to their purpose no matter what.During our podcast conversation Susan shares how to listen to the inner call and act upon it. The issue of "time" being an obstacle many women face as a barrier to achieving what they truly long for is addressed by Susan, and she outlined 5 easy steps to increasing self awareness as a form of sacred self care every day.

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