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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Feb 13, 2019

Olivia Bryant, the cervix as final frontier.

We taped this episode late in 2018, and in what we think is divine timing, we're airing Olivia Bryant's divine wisdom on the cusp of valentines' day, or Venus day, as we prefer to call it. Olivia is founder of Self:Cervix, a leading edge movement in the field of female sexual empowerment.

Within in a short time, Self:Cervix has attracted the attention of world media including Glamour Magazine, German mainstream news media and publicity in Australasia. Over 3000 women have been through the programme from 58 countries.

As Olivia shares—the cervix is the least recognized part of female sexual anatomy. It endures the most trauma and it is has the most potential for orgasm. The orgasms produced via the cervix are often described as 'out of this world and transcendent' and yet most women do not have access to it because of lack of education, trauma and tension.

Olivia created Self:Cervix to change the conversation around the cervix with the medical profession and educate women around the globe about the power and pleasure at the cervix.

Previously, Olivia trained in Sexology and yoga. She has a background in the performing arts.

This episode is in perfect timing with thoughts of love, and where better to begin than with the knowing of ourselves. In this episode Olivia shares the journey that led her to awaken to the gifts and the power of her own cervix, and her understanding that opening to these gifts can be part of sacred self care. She talks about the cervix's message, and how it is not just about the bedroom. She shares the joy of leading thousands of women on their own journeys of cervical awakening. Olivia says working with the cervix is fundamental to our homecoming. She also discusses the subject of Tantra and the misconceptions around this. In Eastern traditions the Cervix is related to the first chakra- our sense of belonging our bodies and on this earth - so Olivia asks the question if our cervix is numb (as so many are due to pain or emotions stored there) what is that doing to women psyche and our sense of purpose in the world?

Olivia shares the purpose of self cervix and much more in this rich conversation ! Check out Olivia's NEW website and make sure you sign up for the step by step guide.

Check out Olivia's new website 


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