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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Oct 19, 2022

This episode is a further exploration of the question now what (?) and our longing to inner-stand what is next for during this pivotal time on the planet. What if it’s time to step through what has been a comfort to discover the immensity of our cosmic expression on the Earth now. We know we are made for these times, but what if the way we have been going about it is ready to evolve alongside of us?What if we let ourselves recognize what isn’t working, what isn’t us and by that recognition we become the sacred witness to it’s leaving?

Where truth once tortured us
Now is the moment
to let it set us

Stand together with the Earth
Beloved of who you are,
Pure love,
blanketing our planet

(art & poetry Christine Pensa)

This is an invitation to sit in the sacred space of you and witness yourself so you allow who truly are—because…

…We are here
We are legion
We are love

We are the wonder of these times

Coming together singing our songs in harmony with who we truly are.

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