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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Oct 6, 2022

Kaya Usher is my very special repeat guest in this episode. She’s a true pioneer and brilliant at sharing and showing others how to navigate the waters of these times.

Kaya’s story is an inspiring one, it is one that can uplift anyone who choses to open to their own infinite possibility. Her journey led her through hardships, which might have derailed many of us, but through all the challenges she held strong to her desire to know her true self more deeply. While being fully human, she models a way through the woods for all of us.

In this episode Kaya shares how after moving through her challenges there was a time of learning and training before she was ready to download The Simplicity Platform. The 8 Tenets, or pillars of that platform are the simple, yet very powerful core of her teaching. We talked about how this work is a frequency technology and why it is the perfect platform for these evolutionary times. She calls it, “A space of engagement, of literally surrendering back into our highest knowledge, back into our highest possibility. It is an action space where we need focus, discipline and trust to truly let go of what isn’t us.”

Kaya says frequency technology is an un-teaching that helps us recognize and release the constructs we have been carrying. In fact she says frequency technology, “…is the building blocks of all creation.” With this technology we are able to transcend the outdated models of the past. It is about becoming an organic human. Deeply connected to ourselves, allowing us to be whole.

Simply and powerfully, Kaya concludes, “This technology is simply here to show you once again all the tools available to you from the space you were created. It is magnificent and there is not one single person who cannot open up again to who they truly are.”

I trust your experience of this podcast will be one which brings the higher frequency of the true you more online than ever. Find out more about how you can experience this frequency technology through Kaya’s books, classes, community, activations and music at;

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