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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jan 9, 2019

Janet Conner is a prayer artist, deep soul explorer, and field guide in The Mystic. Her first book, Writing Down Your Soul, became a bestseller and opened a path to six more including The Lotus and The Lily, Soul Vows, Find Your Soul’s Purpose and The Soul Discovery Coloring Book with Christine Pensa. When “Prayer Artist” came calling, Janet found herself writing a whole new genre of prayer and leading radically different prayer intensives. After hosting The Soul-Directed Life for six years, she is now creating a new podcast, Praying at the Speed of Love. To make all this possible, Janet lives a quiet life filled with silence, solitude, and joy in the tiny town of Ozona Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. 

In this episode Janet shares her journey to release the old and open to her new incarnation as a Prayer Artist.

Despite her success as a best selling author, and popular radio host, Janet was called to move into something completely new this year. Janet shares her insights from her experience answering the call of the invitation to re-invent herself as a "Prayer Artist," and invites you to explore for yourself what happens when prayer expands your life. In this rich conversation Janet tells how insights appear in the middle of the night and how to trust in the voice during the night ! Janet also shares what Living at the "speed of love" feels and looks like! Janet said YES and when you open up to the YES your whole being will vibrate ! In 2019 Janet begins the new year with all new offerings to assist us all in expressing and birthing our sacred gifts or "sacred medicine ". Join Janet and Emma in the first new prayer intense starting Jan 12 to help you sustain your divine gifts this year! 

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" Your Three Fields"

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