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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Nov 14, 2018

Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley (born in Los Angeles, CA in 1971) is an American author, blogger, memoirist and interviewer.

As a freelance writer, Bridgitte has written online articles for Examiner, Tiny Buddha, Recreate Your Life Story, Medium, Patheos, Thrive Global and Gaia.

She was the lead writer to launch Oprah Winfrey Network’s Super Soul Sunday website, the 21- Day Become What You Believe Meditation and Seven Days to Restful Sleep for “Oprah & Deepak’s Guide to Whole Health” in addition to various articles for Super Soul Sessions I-III.

With a writing focus that includes spirituality, change, challenge and transformation, Bridgitte’s writing unexpectedly draws readers inward through her ability to convey complex spiritual concepts in a practical and accessible style.

Bridgitte now resides in Los Angeles with her husband, three children and Miniature Schnauzer, and enjoys working with individuals and organizations who are interested in conscious change, conscious business practices, conscious leadership and empowerment.

In this episode Bridgitte shares how her own financial failure led her to explore the deeper meaning to life.With survival skills like no other Bridgitte explored many self help books before diving deep into different mediation practices to move her to a new life.She slowly took one step at a time began to change her daily thoughts and beliefs taking on a whole new mind set. Bridgitte explains how she discerned between the thoughts in her head and intuition. She also shares her creative practice of making her book come alive today!  

Today Bridgitte's mantra or daily walking prayer is  

I stand in courage

I walk in faith

I am not afraid

because ......

I am not alone

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