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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jun 27, 2018

Episode 041 Tara Star Dancer

Tara is the creator of S-E-A Bellydance — which stands for Sensual Embodied Awakening Bellydance.

Tara Star was led to Belly Dance by the transformative experiences she found in her studies of women’s spirituality and alternative healing.

Tara Star has been a practicing bellydancer for over 20 years and has been invited to perform worldwide in over 1000 shows with bellydancers and musicians considered the best in their fields. She has produced variety belly dance shows — world music dance events and taught International bellydance workshops.

Tara Star brings her healing work, and her finely honed skills as a dancer— to assist others in their OWN growth and healing. That is the underlying motivation for her performances, continuing studies and teaching— to help others heal and reclaim the sacred feminine and sacred masculine.

Tara Star knows Bellydance as a potent spiritual practice infused with sensuality, beauty, depth and transformation and she invites women of all ages, sizes and abilities to enter with her into the mystical healing temples of old to evoke the creative force of the universe with dance.


In this episode Tara shares how the dance she brings to her classes are a re-visioning of  the mystical healing in the temples of old. In fact, her carefully crafted classes are a place where she invites participants to—Be The Temple.

Tara talks about her first experience with bellydance as an intiation into the mysteries of her own embodied awakening—the Divine Feminine, the Goddess or Kundalini Shakti—all referring to an energetic wisdom of the body, or a vibratory awakened intelligence. For more information go to her website 


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