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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Nov 7, 2022

For new listeners to the Awakened Woman Self Care podcast, we explore the nature of sacred self care in these times. The focus of each episode, whether with a guest, or solo with host Christine Pensa, is an offering meant to assist you to thrive in harmony with your true human embodiment.

This episode is an exploration of yet another side of witnessing. Christine shares why it is so instrumental to our sacred self care and how the observation of it can become sacred medicine for our community. Christine also tells a story on herself when she overstepped and “helped” a frog that didn’t really need help, illustrating how detrimental not being able to create space (aka witness) to hear what the frog truly needed. Likewise, by becoming witness with compassion and gentleness to ourselves, we can hear what is truly needed in each moment, through each challenge—internal or external.

It is only after being a sacred, or embodied witness to ourselves that we can become witness to our loved ones, our friends and the greater community. As we become loving, compassionate, embodied presence, we release the desire to change, or fix, or stop things before we have a true knowing of what in the highest order for everyone. By taking full responsibility for ourselves first, we become the calm in the storm. We leave space without stepping all over our own sovereignty or anyone else’s.

At the conclusion of the episode, Christine walks listeners through a self witnessing practice.

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