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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Sep 7, 2022

As we move into autumn, I'm revisiting the metaphor of the caterpillar and butterfly, diving into a deeper layer to explore how we humans have lived with the perspective of the caterpillar for enough time. We are in a moment where we know we are being called to shift from that field of limitation, and change into the butterflies we have always been.

This episode is an invitation to observe yourself with no self censoring, and feel what is, and also is not, truly calling you right now. Being honest with what is depleting you in the material world, either "stuff" or "habits." Doing an inventory (without getting into polarity with yourself) so you can let yourself lift up into the arms of the butterfly by hearing your own internal instruction.

You have done a brilliant job at existing and being a caterpillar, but now you can choose to embody the butterfly, to recognize that you are indeed a butterfly and always have been — and beloved you already know it’s time to fly.

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