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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Feb 26, 2022

As we move beyond traditions and dogmas, our deep spontaneous knowing of what wants to express now comes forward. A healing soup that moves like a pulse through our physical bodies.

In contrast to what is happening in the external, it feels like joy, like power and like pure love. The invitation of this episode is to notice where and how you can notice and bring forward more of this sweet hummm rising in you. It doesn’t have to be anything mysterious or mystical, it has to be what works for you. Where can you find more of your own expansion every day? What is longing to be expressed through you right now?

This world needs more of your joy, your power and your love—and that is sacred self care too.

(Thank you to Martha, Erin and the listeners for inspiring this episode)

One of the poems I shared in this episode;
Love’s Hummm

Do you feel it dear sisters?

This hummm rising through the city scapes
Past the rubble
Skimming over fields and waters and sleepy rooftops

Our hummm is rising

It’s rising
the rich sweet nectar of knowing flooding our bodies,
truth nourishing our hearts

The Sun lit honey we make from our nectar
bringing healing to this world

Do you feel it?

Our hummmm is rising

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