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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Oct 26, 2021

This beautiful episode and conversation began with Heidi’s sharing her knowing that the time to “break free into our aliveness” is now. As Heidi says, the time for sitting on the fence is over. She says, “It’s now a desperate call. We need people to Be their shining lights.” The planet, the cosmos needs us all to be our shining lights. Our job is to let go of the shore and move into the river of our own true being and let it take us to the destination of our original truth.

Heidi shared some powerful stories of how we can tune into our own aliveness. She has been observing in her work with people how things are moving faster and how the deeper layers of the challenges we have had are coming up more insistently—in order for us to choose change.
She says that indigenous teachers helped her recognize how Nature understands its own aliveness, and that nature’s example can help us tune into our Original Truth. She used the example of a pebble on a mountain. That pebble might be moved from the mountain, picked up by someone and taken to another country, but it always recognizes that it is the mountain. It does not lose its original truth as we humans have.

The natural world always knows how to be its best version of its original truth and the invitation is for us to be the best version of ourselves. Heidi outlined simple and practical ways we can tune into this for ourselves. As she says, she likes to make things easy. Heidi’s book, Answering the Call of Your Spirit, How to wake up and remember the light of your soul, is an incredible book of self discovery. The book contains 22 self discovery moments punctuated with inspiring, uplifting stories and deep insights.

There are many conversational gems in this episode, which closed with an exploration of ourselves as dreamers. Why deepening our capacity as dreamers is so important right now. Heidi says she invites her clients to begin their work together by asking, What do you want the end result to be? She then asks them to dream the unlimited, impossible and playful dream of their answer. She says, let’s be the wisdom of children, by dreaming ourselves into being and creating a trail that pulls others toward their own expansive dreams.

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