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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Feb 24, 2021

As part of my own shamanic training and exploration I was introduced to the concept of the Four Shamanic Questions*. The idea was that when a person came to a shaman seeking help for dis-ease or in despair, the shaman would pose four questions to bring the person back into ease. The Fourth question is; WHEN did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of SILENCE? Expanding upon the question, the seeker was invited to explore where they had mistrusted or ignored the mystery of their own being. Where had they stopped being an explorer of their own glorious life?

This episode is an exploration of all four questions, but particularly focused on the “sweet territory of silence,” because I’ve heard so many people talking about silence this past week, I decided it was something worth diving into. In this episode you are invited to explore more deeply what silence means for you. What silence as territory means for you. Silence can be depleting, as we can sometimes use it as a means of escaping. Escape can be a needed respite, or escape can be a repetition of depleting patterns that bring us no illumination. Silence can also be a divine heart expanding territory where we can hear and answer a call from our true voice.

At the end of the episode I lead you through a divination scribble exercise to open you up to a little creative fun in your heart exploration so have a paper and pencil handy for this one. With love, Christine (

(*I was first introduced to these questions through the work of Angeles Arrien)