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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jan 8, 2021

In this first episode of the new year, host Christine Pensa welcomed guest Dr. Sabina Singwell, PhD, writer, social scientist and creatrix of School of Bitchcraft, who works as an advocate for sanity and freedom around food. Bitchcraft is her shorthand for liberating your mind and your body from our sexist diet culture.

Sabina shared how healing her relationship with food and her body ended up breaking her open to healing through self knowledge and acceptance. She says, “Exploring how you relate to food is actually a magnificent doorway to discovering core beliefs about your very life.” Sabina invites us to stop shooting the messenger—food—allowing ourselves to move into the things we might be resisting in that relationship. As she has found—that’s where our healing gold really lies.

As the conversation unfolded we talked about how unpacking the stories and patterns behind our relationship with food can help us come back into greater self love and a return to body sovereignty. Sabina pointed out it’s time to drop the self care narratives that are really about a pursuit of “perfection” with a veneer of self care over it, and lovingly embrace true sacred self care.

This episode is an invitation to reassess our relationship with our bodies, food and our sacred self care by allowing the focus and breakthrough to come from the inside.

Moving into 2021 is our time to release the distorted lenses and, as Sabina calls it, the external chorus. That chorus doesn’t reflect the truth of our magnificence. Instead, the focus shifts inside to learn to recognize the true physical needs and joys of our bodies, rather than being driven by distorted beliefs and emotions of ourselves or others. In this way, Sabina invites us to practice “body neutrality” by surrendering to the “goodness of our own knowing” and our body’s own knowing, while honouring the body’s divine cues.