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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Dec 15, 2020

This week’s special guest is Kaya Usher. She works with frequency. In the beautiful conversation that unfolds in this episode, Kaya shares many incredible insights and valuable information, but most of all, she shared her pristine frequency.

As she says, everything in this world carries a certain frequency, and where we come from, that fractal or hummm of our creation is created of the “ultimate frequency” the truest frequency of all.

Kaya explained the fractal, or true frequency—that we are all made of—came down to experience life. Through lack of awareness we brought in heavier frequencies, and we wonder why our life isn’t running efficiently or “in the highest order.” Often its because these lower frequencies have come in and interrupted that beautiful hummm of our own creation.

Kaya works with her abilities to go directly to the top, to your creation space where she helps you by overriding lower frequencies that shouldn’t be in your space with the higher frequencies—returning you to your natural state.
The invitation in this episode is to open and allow yourself to have your own experience of frequencies. As Kaya says there is nothing solid about us, except for that spark which is where we come from, everything else is malleable. Therefore, there is nothing that cannot be shifted with this work when you are ready to step into who you truly are and begin the love affair with the spark that you are.

The episode concludes with Kaya sharing a powerful meditation, which will give you an experience of her work. I know you’ll want to find out more! You can connect to Kaya here; Here are some of the ways you can connect to Kaya’s work;