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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

May 1, 2019

Episode 083 A Beltane Celebration with co-hosts Emma Kupu Mitchell and Christine Pensa

To mark this portal in the Wheel of the year, co-hosts of the podcast, Emma and Christine share some Beltane celebration ideas in this special episode.

 A Beltane Reading from the Charge of the Goddess (Starhawk, The Spiral Dance 1979)

“May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii Nei.” This popular phrase in the islands prevents anyone from forgetting this special day. It was Don Blanding, a writer and poet, who first suggested that a holiday should be dedicated to the beautiful Hawaiian tradition of making and wearing lei. But it was Grace Tower Warren, also a writer, who came up with the idea that the holiday should coincide with May Day.

Emma read from “Kindling the Celtic Spirit” where the Spiral Dance of the year is understanding sacred time

Everywhere we look life moves in a spiral motion the early Celts knew this and danced all night festivals reflecting the earth Mysteries  of blossom and leaf fall and the circling year.The early Celts divided their year into two halves dark and light Samhain and Beltane.

Beltane ushered in the Light and the sun, originally these turning points of the year were not marked on a calendar but from careful observation of the stars sun moon wind weather and movements of animals and birds and the voice of the earth. Belenos (Beh-ley-noss) was a sun God who may have been connected with the festival of Beltaine meaning bright or brilliant .The Romans called him Apollo.

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