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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Apr 24, 2019

Kat Gibson is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Master's in Education, Kat is an urban farmer, educator and plant whisperer.  She is a certified yoga instructor and reiki practitioner, completed a two-year Priestess Path Apprenticeship, a two-year training as a Systemic Family Constellations Facilitator and has participated in herbal medicine courses. Inspired by the rhythms and cycles of nature, she has combined and evolved these practices to integrate wisdom and ritual that honours the consciousness of plants and the elements as a guide to explore the many layers of interconnection between nature, self and community.

Kat is the founder of Lady Gaia. She offers courses and workshops in Earth magic, food and medicine designed to inspire people to collaborate, co-create and work towards a shared vision of deepening our relationship to the body of the Earth and the Earth of the body for healing, growth and transformation. Working passionately with the Earth and plants has invited a deeper and more intimate relationship with herself, and trust in her wholeness as a living being on the earth. She also works for an environmental non-profit in Mississauga developing garden and environmental education programming for diverse community groups. 


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