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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Feb 27, 2019

This is part two of a two part episode with Gabriela.

Gabriela is an activist, a shamanic healer and a multi-disciplinary artist. She has spent most of her life being a nomad, preferring to support projects and communities in greater need while  undergoing rigorous spiritual trainings around the world and translating her experiences into music, writing and dance. She is an initiate in an ancient women’s tradition which is based on womb wisdom and holds the honey bee and the serpent as its central symbols. Her work fuses alchemical techniques from this lineage with her love affair with the natural world. Through this work, she seeks to bridge the gap between Body, Spirit and Earth, and to awaken women to unveil their most authentic, fully-expressed and embodied selves.

In this episode Gabriela shares the story of her own healing and what inspired her to take a pledge. She tells how she was raised in movement from 13 due to her parents and family life. Gabriela experienced many different cultures and landscapes from such an early age and this shaped shifted her to see and experience what most children never do! Gabriela takes us on a journey from London to the Jungle of Bolivia where she felt the oneness of all that is - where separation dissolved.Gabriela talks about Shamanism and her healing work today and take us through a 3 step process of how we can all feel this Oneness in our daily lives. 

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