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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Feb 20, 2019

This is part one of a two part episode with Gabriela.

 Gabriela is an activist, a shamanic healer and a multi-disciplinary artist. She has spent most of her life being a nomad, preferring to support projects and communities in greater need while  undergoing rigorous spiritual trainings around the world and translating her experiences into music, writing and dance. She is an initiate in an ancient women’s tradition which is based on womb wisdom and holds the honey bee and the serpent as its central symbols. Her work fuses alchemical techniques from this lineage with her love affair with the natural world. Through this work, she seeks to bridge the gap between Body, Spirit and Earth, and to awaken women to unveil their most authentic, fully-expressed and embodied selves.

Gabriela is a passionate advocate for global activism and for bringing more mindfulness to change the world from within. In this episode Gabriela shares her journey of "being shaken to the bone" at 13 yrs old when she first REALLY noticed the difference between those that don't have a voice and Gabriela decided to dedicate her life to assisting those that don't have power behind their voice. Gabriela shares that at times it can feel so overwhelming when we open up to the suffering of the world. However its about making those small choices every day knowing they have a ripple effect.The power is in our choosing. Gabriela has started a new movement called "Change maker rising" inviting us all to make one positive choice each day.Gabriela shares by changing our choices and using our voices we come back into awareness of our power. As a collective this is something that hasn't really been tapped into before.

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