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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Nov 28, 2018

Dipika is an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, Anthroposophical Naturopath, Yoga of Sound Teacher, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Author.

She’s practiced clinically for more than 20 years, treating 1000’s of patients globally with Ayurveda healing wisdom and mantra.
She’s the Best selling author of Shine Your Lightand The Ayurvedic Woman, The Essential Guide for Wellness in All Phases of Womanhood.

Dipika is also the founder of The Radiant Woman Wellness courses, Alchemy of Sound Programs and Conscious Woman Rising.
Dipika works therapeutically with mantra and sacred sound as the original medicine and medicine of our future. She is in service to the renewal of ancient healing mysteries and healing the divine feminine in each of us.

In this episode Dipika shares her wisdom around Ayurveda, which  and her knowing that it is an "ancient tool kit for living a modern life." She dives deep into beautiful sharing on the Story of Womankind—how every woman is part of the fabric and thread of the story—and how essential it is for every woman to experience her own womanhood. Dipika invites us to allow in "the medicine of subtraction" and be in tune with the rhythms and flow of life.

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Visit her website

Visit awakened woman self care website  

There is a beautiful organization in Toronto Christine recommends—Sistering—that provides care kits with deodorant, shampoo, wet wipes, tampons or pads as part of their outreach program. This organization was established in 1980 and has provided support for thousands of women since then. Visit

We invite you to find an organization near you and consider volunteering or donating money or in-kind supplies to ensure all women have their basic self care needs met, so they are more likely to be able to meet their sacred self care needs in future.

Homeless shelters Resource page on Oahu