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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Oct 18, 2018

Today's guest for Episode 056 is Olivera Milojkovic. Olivera was born in the former Yugoslavia. At the age of four she immigrated with her parents to the United States, settling in New Jersey. She has been a daughter, wife, mother, housewife, teacher, business partner, executive assistant and life coach.

Throughout her life, she has always felt a kind of confusion, never really feeling fully sure of herself, her decisions, or her life choices. She felt the answers were all there but just beyond her grasp.

And then one day, life changed forever. The unexpected early onset of menopause at age 38 triggered and paralleled a most powerful spiritual awakening. It crumbled all of her foundations, left her with no footing and resulted in the loss of her conditioned mind. But it also revealed to Olivera what she had been searching for her entire life, her true self, the Self that is infused with wisdom, insight and inner power.

After four decades of feeling lost she felt a rebirth, a homecoming. It took her the next five years to get to know her true self and find how to live with a whole new perspective while at the same time navigating through the life she was currently living as a wife, mother and homemaker. In short – every single thing in her life changed.

Today, Olivera lives in Hawaii and is a published author, women's life coach, spiritual teacher, and speaker, inspiring others to find their true selves and live life fully. In her book, Awakened Through Menopause, Olivera highlights how she found a greater truth was hidden in menopause. She hopes her book will serve as a guide to the true self  and inspire countless other women to now see menopause in a completely new way, as an epic opportunity to powerfully transform themselves, their relationships and the world.

 In this episode Olivera shares her personal spiritual awakening, which came with the unexpected onset of early menopause. She talks about her life as being outwardly perfect, and yet she had feelings of sadness and depression. Olivera shares how she spent several years uncovering what she calls her "true self" and how this true self has led her to a life of greater strength, wisdom and joy.Today Olivera helps other woman bridge the changes experienced in midlife and awaken to their true self to make a positive difference in their life. 

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