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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Sep 24, 2021

This episode was inspired by Tree and how trees are modelling perfectly the beauty, ease and grace of nature’s cycles. The cyclical nature of a tree shows us that letting go is not a loss, but rather a transmutation into the next level, the next evolution of what will blossom for humanity.

Christine invited listeners to tune into their own capacity to stand strongly rooted in their own source connection, to let go like the autumn trees with a knowing and appreciation that falling leaves are compost for future growth. Learning from the trees about deep presence and how to drop in ever more deeply into your own source.

The lyrics to an old and beautifully simple song personifies what it is to be standing strong in our own presence right now. (The song was originally performed and written by Betsy Rose music.) The lyrics are;

Standing like a tree
with my roots dug down
my branches wide and open
come down the rain
come down the sun
come down root
to the heart that is open
to be standing like a tree
with my roots dug down…

You can find the Betsy Rose version at;

You can find the Xi Earthstar version at;

Noticing what programs we are still accepting as “natural or normal” that are actually abusive. What is not in alignment with self love, and ready to fall/leave? Let’s stand in the power of our strong pure roots of love.

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