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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Sep 10, 2021

This episode (as always) was inspired by the listeners who call forward what wants to be heard, and by an instagram post on neutrality. The post came from Dr. Lori Earley and she said in her account @phoenixrising medicine, "Neutrality is not an option."

What are we choosing in this moment, at this pivotal time on the planet? When chaos and polarities are amplified, we can retreat from that cacophony because we do not want to be pulled in directions that would seem to pull us apart. We still FEEL it because we are part of the collective.

How can we discern what is right for us in this moment? How do we navigate the external? We choose.

We don't have to choose a side, but we are being called to choose who we are. To stand in our pure love presence. To say no to what we need to say no to, to say yes to what we need to say yes to—because to not choose is to give our tacit or implied consent to whatever, or whoever, has the loudest voice.

Christine shared her poem called, I Choose Untamed and a short visualization to help you discern what is the truth of you and how to move beyond the lower frequencies that are external to you.