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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Apr 10, 2021

This episode is an invitation to deepen into our sacred self care during this powerful, heart opening, challenging and triggering time on the planet—by dissolving the polarity within us and between us.

Christine recorded this directly after participating in a Gaia group meditation. Her friend Jarmila, who leads the meditations, opened the silent meditation by sharing she was hearing Earth, Terra and Gaia singing together as one voice. A powerful frequency for all of us to tune into.

This image and metaphor of ONE voice is a call for all of us to dissolve the walls within ourselves and between our fellow divine humans. Connecting back to ourselves as free, sovereign beings of love. Connecting back to the purity and innocence of your original, organic self to come back into harmony with ourselves first—then singing this song of love as our infinite expression.

Knowing ourselves as love as beings here to do harm to none, we reunite with our true expression. Christine concluded the episode by sharing a beautiful poem written by Maria Sabina entitled, You Are the Medicine.

You can link to full written text of the poem on our show page. You can also link there to the guided meditation Christine created to help you dissolve the walls within yourself.