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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Apr 25, 2018

Liv Tatara is an artist, author, and intuitive. She says she experiences peace by helping people on their life path awaken and discover new things about themselves in love. She has published two books, Love Haiku and Cosmic Haiku, and already has two more on the way!

Liv has been mediating and intensely learning about her own spirituality for about 4 years. Through this and the help of her Master Teachers, she has blossomed in her offerings via her art, web design, tarot card readings, and writing. Liv creates personalized aura art tailored to each client's energy. After connecting to her client's spirit animals she brings them to life in paintings. Liv says her philosophy is—all about love and opening the heart.Only then you can enjoy all the adventures life presents to you. My mission is to empower and encourage all people, primarily the youth, to start to create their lives and reprogram their minds. Do what you love to do, for you, and let go of the past.

 In this episode Liv shares how much she has opened to and brought into the world—made all the more amazing by her youth. She talks with us about following the prompts of spirit to create and share your unique gifts with the world, and how this is divine self care. To find out more about Liv 
to find out more about the special self care event with Sunny Mosley