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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Mar 20, 2019

Episode 077 with Zeny Ogrisseg, The vibration of our ancestors carried in music and voice.

Zeny Orgrisseg is a Yoga Educator, and Sanskrit Chanter.  Based in Hawaii she is director of Hawaii School of Yoga which offers 200 and 300 Hour Teacher Trainings in classical Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.  Having Indian roots, she is committed to preserving and sharing all aspects of Yoga including India's rich spiritual history, philosophy and spirituality.  She teaches a Yoga as a way of life, and doesn't patronize any 'style' of Yoga.   "I want to share the Yoga that my ancestors were practicing thousands of years ago, and not just about poses.  Yoga is profound science of living in sacred harmony with all of creation and there are many ways to cultivate that harmony- through meditation, through chanting, through the breath, etc.. I want people to know that Yoga is much much more than poses." She also leads Retreats in Kauai and India.   She is a passionate about Vedic Chanting and Sacred music, she sings, plays the piano, harp and harmonium.  "Chanting is food for the soul, when I chant I feel very close to the Creator.  I have had a strong connection to God my whole life.  One of my earliest memories was getting up early to watch the sunrise sitting in a plumeria tree."   She is leading her first India Retreat in 2020 to help save Wild Elephants and support organic Tea Farmers.

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