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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Mar 6, 2019

Episode 075 with Adrienne Enns, Being intentional and why it's worth it

We're excited to welcome back Adrienne Enns, who was one of our early guests on the podcast in late 2017. Adrienne is Chief Joy Curator at her company May You Know Joy Inc.

Adrienne inspires and empowers people to live intentionally—by creating their lives on purpose. She does this through her workshops, retreats, speaking engagements, and, through her product line, which includes her beautiful May You Know Joy Meditation Cards, her Seeds of Intention Card Decks, and her beautiful journals.

Adrienne explains that for her—Joy is wholeness, it’s embracing all that is and all that we are. She says, I know joy because I know pain and suffering and sadness. They are all part of this delicious, raw whole, allowing us to navigate the tough experiences because we know we will be stronger and wiser for having moved through.

Her latest offering is the INTENTION SESSIONS. Adrienne has a Global Online Masterclass, as well as Live workshops in Toronto. She is offering our listeners a special discount on both the live and online classes.

Adrienne shared how she came upon intention during a difficult self destructive period in her life."being intentional means you get to decide how you want to operate your life and align with that " not what others think you want. Adrienne shares that deciding what your time is worth is key, as we get to choose how we spend our time and how we show up. Living intentionally actually shifts time.When we are busy, we are not present and thats key to living with intention. Adrienne shares the 3 pillars of intention and how her new intentions series came into being.

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