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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jan 30, 2019

Whitney Wolfe is an energy, sound, and crystal healer, as well as an artist, and a seeker.

She is the creator of Ethereal Earth - which is a brand that was designed and put forth into the world with the intention to help us seek and find inspiration to awaken, enliven, and remind us of our true Nature.

She believes that reinforcing our connection to the healing harmonies of the Earth and the Ethereal are a powerful means of true Self-care.

Within Ethereal Earth, she offers private, group, and large event sound healings, women’s gatherings, as well as various classes, workshops, and other offerings.

She also curates the online and physical Ethereal Earth shop with potent healing crystals, Alchemy crystal singing bowls, high quality incenses & smudges, her photography, and her hand-made ceramics and jewelry.

In this episode, Whitney shares some beautiful insights into trusting yourself when choosing stones and crystals. She shares her process, as she was coming to us from Arizona, where she was about to attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral show. Whitney says, when looking for personal stones or crystals, Notice what you are called to — walk around and take note of what you feel drawn to — I hold them and feel them and take note. She put it beautifully, "Sense the energy of this piece of Earth."

Whitney also shared the benefits of sound healing, how the vibrations become a point of focus assisting us to be present. In todays world of over stimulation Whitney shares how the crystal bowls and their magical sounds allow the mind body and spirit to relax on a very deep level, restoring harmony on a cellular level. Whitney invites us all to begin a relationship with the crystals and have fun with inviting them into your home and life.

SPECIAL OFFER: Whitney is offering all listeners of the Awakened Woman Self Care podcast a one-time, 15% off discount for her healing services, classes and workshops, as well as all crystal and crystal singing bowl purchases valid for the year of 2019 - you can get in touch with her via instagram, Facebook, or email and she will be happy to give you your discount code!

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