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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jan 23, 2019

Andrea Lewis helps women heal past wounds. She says, "It is my mission to help women heal past wounds so they can bring joy back and listen to what’s in their heart and live a life filled with freedom and purpose."

Andrea is a Certified Spiritual Medium who specializes in reconciliation and forgiveness between loved ones on Earth and their family members in spirit.

Andrea is also an Akashic Records Ancestral Healing Practitioner. She helps women clear unwanted ancestral influences, and end repeated patterns to experience freedom.

Andrea has a beautiful new Radio Show/Podcast called, Heal Past Wounds And Bring Joy Back, which you can find on the empowerment channel at Voice America.

In this episode, Andrea shares some of her inspiring journey to answer the call of her intuition—how answering that call led to her selling her house—and undertaking a spiritual pilgrimage to England where, among other things, she reclaimed her past life as a priestess.

In a powerful discussion around the mother wound, Andrea shared, "I believe that when women heal past wounds, we are free to express ourselves authentically as creative, intuitive and powerful women and by doing so, we light up the world with love." Andrea explains how to begin to release your mother's pain story by opening to feeling how that pain expressed in and through you. She invited listeners to go to her website to download a free meditation journey called, Release Your Mother's Pain Story.

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