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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Dec 5, 2018

Hali Karla is a contemplative artist, teacher and creative-soul-caregiver who is passionate about helping others cultivate holistic perspective and creative practice as a tool for navigating life, relationships and times of change. She enjoys offering explorations to others that inspire self-acceptance + development, catalyze healing, celebrate wholeness and honor the mystery of interconnection.

Her experience as an artist and end-of-life nurse, along with her passion for theological & astrological studies, all contribute to a rich framework for her approach and imagery. When guiding others, Hali has been described as evoking a dynamic sense of the sacred," while holding safe space for brave truth-telling, making meaningful connections, and opening to courageous transformation.

Her daily prayer, faith and art practices guide and ground her life and work in the world.


In this episode Hali shares her wisdom and passion for astrology, and how the way she shares that with the world is shifting. We talk about how the shifts are manifesting in her life, in her own healing, soul care and practice. Hali speaks with grace about her past relationship with religion and spirituality and her recent surprising call to return to church, how she has honoured that shift in herself, alongside the other ch-ch-changes in her life. She talks about the mystic Hildegard of Bingen, who she describes as an edge walker, and how that relationship has deepened her own sacred self care practice.

At this time when many of us turn to assess their yearly charitable giving, we wanted to remind you of the many women who may be challenged with meeting their basic self care needs. For instance, having the basic supplies for their menstrual cycles, is an extra hardship for women who are homeless or living with limited incomes.

There is a beautiful organization in Toronto Christine recommends—Sistering—that provides care kits with deodorant, shampoo, wet wipes, tampons or pads as part of their outreach program. This organization was established in 1980 and has provided support for thousands of women since then. Visit

We invite you to find an organization near you and consider volunteering or donating money or in-kind supplies to ensure all women have their basic self care needs met, so they are more likely to be able to meet their sacred self care needs in future.


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