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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Nov 7, 2018

Our guest for Episode 059 is Erin Duff Osswald. Erin is a practitioner of the healing and fine arts who specializes in earth medicine and ceramics.

Living and working in harmony with the lunar and solar rhythms for over two decades has shaped Erin’s approach to nearly everything she does from how she manages her gardening plans, her house, her clay studio, and essentially the rest of her calendar! Likely owing to her own natal Cancerian lunar placement, “electing by the moon” has literally always been in Erin’s nature.

Her healing practice, Wild Rose Earth Medicine Shop, is where Erin helps to facilitate reconnection for others who are seeking a reunion with their own birthright of natural wisdom. Utilizing her trusted ritualistic and shamanistic tools, Erin works in concert with the elements, the ancestors who come in a good way, and Spirit itself, to weave together a bundle of whatever medicine her clients most acutely need. Erin also teaches a variety of online courses, including her signature ritual moon gardening course, Garden Magick. Coming in early November 2018, Erin will be unveiling her newest companion courses, Kitchen, and House Magick. Listeners can enroll now, or get on the waiting list at

 In this episode Erin shares her insights on moving into the fall and winter season with intentional self care practice. She talks about the distinctions between ritual and ceremony, and her work as a Ceremonial Priestess. Erin shares the genesis of her website name "The Telling of the Bees" which is a traditional English custom in which bees would be told of important events in their keeper's lives such as births, deaths, marriages or departures and returns in the household—and how we can mark these transitions with co-created ceremonial practice

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