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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Oct 31, 2018

We are our own guests for Episode 058! Emma and Christine are celebrating Season 2 aligned with the portal of Samhain, or the pagan New Year.

We wanted to mark the journey of the podcast. How time flies! We're already 4 episodes into our official Season 2. This time on the Wheel of the Year seemed a perfect time to PAUSE, and talk about the journey so far. We know that what is going on with us is a reflection of what is going on with our guests and our listeners. We reflect on the powerful energies and vibrations surging through all of us, and the synchronicity of the Phoenix metaphor being shared by former guest Ra Ma Kaur, and future guest Marcia (Starsister) Wade.

In this episode Emma and Christine also share some ideas you can use to work in harmony and alignment with the darkness, the season, and the energies of this time.* They conclude with a sound meditation and plant journey, drumming you into being held in the soft darkness as you are held in this season. More on Patreon soon .......

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