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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Oct 24, 2018

Our guest for Episode 057 is Anna Loza. Anna is a spiritual facilitator—a heart and soul liberator.


Having lived in half a dozen countries, Anna knows what it’s like to feel like the planet itself is your home, and to have dreams the size to match. She left a position in a prestigious research laboratory to go live in the mountains. She shaved her head, and then drove all over the continent—soaking in hot springs—praying in the desert—and it was there she learned to put her heart and soul as her #1 priority. This is what Anna says her sacred self care looks and feels like.

Anna is devoted to guiding others into the ecstatic freedom of their unique mission on this planet. In her work, she creates Cocoons for the Soul, and assists her clients with midwifing their rebirth. She says this mission is part magic, and part neuroscience.

In this episode Anna shares her invitation for you to recognize you deserve the best life that you can create for yourself, and how unplugging from the collective consciousness can help you root out agreements that have "bound your wrists together for too long" and how we are all born to live in freedom. Anna shares her recognition that sacred self care can change the world, it's a matter of changing your own inner landscape, a reclamation of inner joy and inner self. Anna says "the Soul is already whole and complete" it's about reweaving patterns with our personality and our human self, to get a different life experience. Anna talks about what feeds her Soul essence, how to find and be in the moment and discusses how you can connect to your Soul light on a much deeper level. Make sure you go to Anna's website to get your own Soul Map - to help you see your gifts in a visual journey.


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