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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Aug 1, 2018

In today's Special Summer Reflection Episode Christine and Emma talk about the first season of the show, and interviewing 45 divine women since September. They share their plans to take their own self care hiatus during the summer, and talk about what's been happening behind the scenes, in their own work and life.

About the prose Christine read;

What I shared was excerpted from the On Being blog from writer Omid Safi's piece called, Seeking Community Here and Now.

In it Safi says—"As is so often the case, I go back to ancient mystical texts for wisdom and inspiration. This time I went back to an old Persian text, called the Rose Garden. The 13th century, Sa‘di’s Rose garden, is the masterpiece of Persian prose. For some 700 years in India, Central Asia, Iran, and beyond, the humanism of Sa‘di has been a mark of erudition and cultured civilization. In the text, the great Persian poet Sa‘di talks about a person having gone to a public bath. There, someone brought that person a piece of clay from a beloved. The clay was ever so fragrant… like a rose.

The person begins a dialogue with the piece of clay. (Don’t freak out. In these genres of literature, people talk with inanimate objects all the time.)

Are you Musk? Or amber? Your scent is intoxicating!
The clay answers back:
I am just a humble piece of clay.
But for a day or two
I’ve kept the fellowship of roses.

It’s their companionship
that has had an impact on me.
Otherwise, I am just ordinary clay."

Link to read the full article by Omid Safi HERE.


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