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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jul 11, 2018

Viergelyn is a 21st Century Healer who Calls herself a Unicorn Priestess.

Viergelyn is a holistic psychotherapist, international soul coach, healer, spiritual and energy medium. Viergelyn’s mission is to help her clients embrace, cultivate and enhance their lives through principles and practices that re-align them with who they really are and help them to step into their OWN authentic power. Viergelyn connects with divine source energy as an expressive form for messages to come through, while exercising deep healing, clearing of old lineage patterns, cultivating a pathway through collective frequencies with her clients.

Viergelyn’s work is rooted in expressive, spiritual, holistic and healing arts which foster deep healing, radiating love, and self-renewal. Through her site, Grounding Hearts, she offers Soul Spark sessions and Intuitive Soul Coaching that go beyond general life coaching practices, by encompassing deeper layers to integrate energies, using metaphysical and spiritual principles.

In today's episode Viergelyn shares her journey through a Soul Emergent-SEE breakthrough, which allowed her to "level up" and evolve into her true work into the world. Viergelyn gives practical advice about how to connect to your own spiritual team—how to discern the voice of your inner critic versus your own higher self or helping spirits.Visit her website

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