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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jul 4, 2018

Tara Cousineau is a clinical psychologist and researcher with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She is a Harvard Medical School Fellow and a licensed psychologist. Tara has focused her efforts on creating and implementing counseling and coaching programs focused in the modalities of positive psychology, mind-body medicine, mindfulness, stress management, girl's and women's health.

As Tara herself says—my heart’s work and most recent focus is on cultivating kindfulness– a term that captures the intersection of mindfulness, kindness and compassion, and is inspired by contemporary research in the social sciences, interpersonal neurobiology, and positive psychology that unequivocally show the power of kindness and compassion to change ourselves from the inside out. Because, she believes Kindness Does Matter, Tara became the author of an insightful book—The Kindness Cure. Its message, in a nutshell—Kindness is LOVE in action. For more information visit Tara's website

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