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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jun 13, 2018

Melanie Swan is a modern Medicine Woman, Womb Witch and Shamanic Healer. She helps women heal their metaphysical Womb (The Epicenter of Empowerment), dissolve old conditioning and restore their True Feminine andMasculine nature; to become whole, independent yet interconnected, Sovereign Beings.

With 16 years of professional therapy training and experience, natural Shamanic abilities and her own personal healing and awakening of The Sacred Wombcentre—Melanie began to use her own menstrual cycle as a pathway of independent transformation and a direct source of wisdom. As she explains, "It’s an absolute pleasure to bring to my fellow Sisters what I feel we intrinsically know but have forgotten; that our natural spiritual pathway is encoded within our bodies."

Melanie guides women on how to use the menstrual cycle as a natural Spiritual Pathway encoded within the body, and is dedicated to Birthing New Consciousness for our current times through her website, online Moon Lodge and her podcast, The Sacred Womb Podcast.

Melanie shares her journey of discovery to learn how to use the portal of the womb and the menstrual cycle as a natural pathway to self care.For more information