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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

May 16, 2018

Meghan Genge describes herself as a writer, seeker and finder of magic. She is committed to helping others remember who they truly are. Meghan offers courses online and live retreats for women longing to bring more spirit, connection—and MAGIC—into their lives.

Meghan is the author of the novel, Unfurl. Her novel was best described by one reader as, Eat, Pray Love meets The Alchemist!

In 2015 Meghan and her husband sold most of their stuff, left England, and started a new life from the ground up in Costa Rica. Meghan chronicles her journey through her popular blog.

In today's episode Meghan shares her path to stop searching and begin seeing—the magic all around her. Meghan talks about what led her to leave her happy life, in order to be in a place of deeper happiness, and she shares the practical steps she followed to open up to more magic in her own life.

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