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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

May 9, 2018

teZa Lord is an artist, writer—and spiritual activist—who explores the world through thought, words, and experiences. teZa is devoted to uplifting others through her art and writing and any other way she can express love and compassion.

 For the last decade teZa has explored communing with Oneness, the connectedness of all existence through her blog— She shifted to writing books to share her journey of embracing Oneness. Her first book—We Are One—is filled with her beautiful artwork and offered as a visual meditation. teZa's second book is a non-fiction narrative titled—In the I, Easing through life storms—a group memoir of teaching empowerment (code for yoga and meditation) to locked up at risk young women in a juvenile detention facility.

 In today's episode teZa talks about what led her to bring her work forward at this time, her spiritual activism and the healing power of her art. teZa shares her journey of opening to Oneness and her knowing that each time an energy gets connected to another energy it’s multiplied.

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