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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

May 2, 2018

Aysen Farag is an Egyptian-Sudanese Medicine Woman. She was born into a long lineage of Indigenous African healers, and has been initiated as a wisdom keeper, in the lineage of the Q'ero people from the Andes. She passionately shares her gifts in energy healing, sacred plant medicine, ceremony, and intuitive readings, while working with the wisdom gained from various elders and the medicines that have been passed down through the generations in her family.

Aysen has studied ayurveda, yoga, sacred plant medicine, mantra/sound healing, sacred sexuality, and the shaman’s way. From all of these paths she learned about the importance of our physical existence, that the spiritual life is not to transcend the body, but to realize the divinity of our being as we are now, and to honour the body as a gateway into the soul.

You can find her at

Aysen’s website where she invites you to enter the beautiful offerings there Earth Keepers wisdom for the body and soul.

In today's episode Aysen shares her wisdom around Story Medicine and why it's such a powerful healing tool. She talks about the impact of the ancestral lineages of soul and body. We discuss the how pushing away pain strengthens it's hold, and she explains how being present to our physical body and developing a relationship is the best way to access and heal that pain.

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