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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Mar 28, 2018

Tracy describes herself as a curious creative soul, beauty finder and inspiration instigator. You might know Tracy through her successful online course, and book of the same name—Paint Mojo.

Her students from all over the world share stories of finding their own creative bliss through her work—indeed best-selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert, can be seen joyfully clutching her own copy of Tracy's book, Paint Mojo, on Tracy's website.

Tracy is a prolific paint, a singer-songwriter, and lover of the written word. She teaches her creative workshops live throughout Australia, Bali, the United States, Canada and Mexico. She is fiercely committed to expressing and honouring her own creative voice—and gently guiding others to find theirs.

 Tracy shares both her creative journey to honour her boundaries and find balance, while being an empath. She also shares some of her life-altering trip to Cambodia. Visit her website