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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Jan 31, 2018

Stefani Harris is a challenge-solver, idea-generator, and the other half of the brains at The Essential Website. Stefani has been building websites and designing logos – and helping clients bring their online vision to life – since 2012.

Stefani got into the whole online/digital world in order to help businesses and organizations with their technical and graphic design projects that seem impossible to accomplish, either due to lack of time, interest, skills, willingness, or desire. 

Houston, Texas, is home for Stefani, and she is the mom to 4 furbabies. When Stefani is not tapping on the computer or hugging her adorable dogs, She can be found teaching yoga and fitness classes.

 Stefani shares how her own self care practice is ultimately about Freedom. She discusses how finding that happy place, and not depriving herself , allows her to make sure she stays true to her passion and her own self care needs. In this vibrant conversation, Stefani explains how women approach technology differently, and in the work she offers, she talks about finding a new way in providing solutions and always sharing a positive experience ! Visit the website for more information and to connect with Stefani