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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

May 26, 2023

This is a reprise of episode 154 recorded in May of 2022, and an invitation to revisit both the episode and your own growth over the last year. 

I recorded a new introduction, and just like I did, it’s a call to observe where you can expand and deepen into more of who you are as we continue to create, and grow on the Earth in these powerful times.

(from the original episode) This month is another powerful one and it is more and more noticeable that things are changing and need to change in our world. There is a deep knowing of this in our own bodies, and yet, many of us are also experiencing a recurrence of things that feel like old patterns. It’s confusing. We know we are becoming more, and we are also experiencing physical ailments, heightened emotions and loss of a sense of “reality.”

How do we practically step into becoming more of the complete self? How can we allow ourselves to be remade into our true selves? Who are we without these looping patterns? Host Christine shares some practical ideas to move through these endings so we can step more fully into ourselves.

Choosing to begin a deeper relationship with the unlimited you. Choosing to embody you, here, now is a coming home to yourself and being in a state of deep love for who you really are. Dropping the attachments no matter how safe they feel—and being very gentle with yourself as you do so.

May you always choose what is perfect for the highest frequency you in each moment. May you trust yourself. May you learn to love yourself at ever deeper levels. May you inner stand more of yourself in the deep silence of who you are. May you allow yourself to change course and direction without shame, blame or guilt. May you be free.

With love, Christine

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