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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Apr 27, 2023

This episode was inspired by a well known aphorism, curiosity killed the cat, and is an exploration into how, why, and where our natural curiosity may have been suppressed. What does curiosity really mean and why would we damn up the river of information that flows to us and through us? Why would we choose to block that which helps us navigate the truth of our divinity?

Curiosity begets self mastery, because, we are the catalysts for our own change and evolution. 

We have lived consciously and unconsciously in the “do as you are told” pattern and program. We have been encouraged to use the external/validated information even when it doesn’t feel right to us. Now is the time for us to move more strongly and powerfully into a “do as you KNOW” frequency.

Your natural curiosity helps you access your inner wisdom which flows abundantly from your own pure heart. When we honour our natural curiosity, we evolve from being the supplicants - forever looking outside of ourselves for answers - to the creators of our own reality and this world we are here for now. 

Time to call back in your curiosity and weave the golden threads shining through the muck back into your life. So it is. 

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