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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Mar 10, 2023

This engaging and heart opening episode features guest Laura Bolton and what she terms her “radical” decision to leave all social media. As we discovered in our discussion, it’s not just about social media, it’s about everything. Our conversation is an invitation to notice where and how we are participating in any kind of toxic pattern or relationship in our own lives. 

Collectively we are stepping away from people, places, and things that are draining us like never before. We have begun to recognize the time to act is NOW. We are at a pivotal moment on this planet where we can choose to drop eons of programs and build something new from our true selves—without distraction, and distortion. 

Laura shared some of the reasons behind her decision to leave social media, and the “utter relief” she felt afterward without the “tiniest piece of regret.” She said she feels lighter, calmer and has much more energy to focus on things that matter to her. 

Many of us have found connection and comfort in social media particularly over the last few years. Although there were many good things that sprang from that (like feeling understood and less alone) Laura says she was finding the negative frequency and parasitic energies have become more and more prevalent on the platform. She became aware that, for her, social media platforms felt like “a digital slave system that profits from your time and attention.” We discussed how a relationship with anything outside of ourselves can be abusive or toxic when our own thoughts and behaviours become overly influenced. Laura maintains that if examined, most people would find that they do not have a liberated, healthy relationship with social media. 

Laura finds asking questions to be a beautiful internal exploration. As she says, no one knows what is best for you, but you, and, it’s really important to self inquire. Here are a few questions that arose from this episode;
What am I fearful of missing out on?
Is my human need to have certainty limiting me?
What is it I would choose for myself?
Where/when/by who has my time and attention been hijacked or manipulated?
How can I give this relationship/practice/habit up?
How do I find my community if I’m not online?

After she made the decision to leave social media, Laura found there were many new opportunities that opened up because she was willing to let go of what wasn’t serving her. She shared some ideas for creating the awareness around whatever toxic situation we find ourselves in, and how to practically allow yourself to explore what is happening in your own life. 

It’s possible to shift anything once we become aware and we build in the support we need. We have the power to choose who and what we surround ourselves with. 

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