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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Nov 18, 2022

At this moment on the planet, we are releasing so many outdated beliefs and structures. Food is one of the big ones, and very personal for so many women. In this episode, my guest, food freedom coach and holistic wellness expert Sloane Elizabeth and I are talking about food and unraveling many of the layers of the (pardon the pun) heaviness that has been entangled with our relationship to food.

In her work, Sloane combines the science of nutrition with spirituality, as a holistic journey into self love and embodiment. Sloane brilliantly shared, as women, particularly with food and our bodies, we have been manipulated to be smaller and therefore less powerful. In fact, she says, because our power is truly unlimited, there are so many systems and structures that are terrified of us. Stepping back into an alive relationship with ourselves opens us to remember more of that presence.

Sloane says, food, something that we interact with every day, something we put inside our bodies everyday is important because it becomes a part of our beautiful bodies. She shared that for her, food freedom, means something more than how it has traditionally been portrayed. She says that kind of freedom is empowering, intentional, intuitive, and a powerful key to unlocking our potential in all areas of our life.

We talked about the importance of being present to embodiment. If we are not “feeding” ourselves mindfully then something else can feed on us, whether that’s unresolved mental or emotional patterns, lineage or societal programs.

Sloane’s heart work is to get her clients to be “on the same team” as their bodies, so they can successfully re-calibrate and trust the wisdom of their bodies once again.

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