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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Mar 12, 2022


Being misunderstood is a primal wound many of us are experiencing recently. Triggers abound in the world right now.

Freeing ourselves to be misunderstood is part of the powerful and profound work we can do right now on our beautiful planet.

It’s time to stop plucking at the leaves of what isn’t working and get to the roots. Trusting the truth that comes from the core of our own purity is to release the patterns and programs of the need to be accepted and understood for who we are.

The invitation of this episode is to explore where you have limited your expression because you were feeding the real need to be cared for—by sacrificing the love and trust of your own self—and the purity of your personal instructions. Noticing now, where you learned, or were programmed to keep yourself small in order to be accepted. What did you do to fill that wound.

Sacred self care, self love, and trust is a powerful practice that begins with your own deep knowing of who you are and what you are meant to be NOW.

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