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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Feb 13, 2022

Host Christine Pensa explores the feeling of being at your “wit’s end” and the implications that has for you and for all of us in this moment. Many of us are coming to the edge of the place of not knowing what to do. It can be perplexing and we can feel uneasy. What if we could allow ourselves to be in that place without fixing it? What if we could let this be the dismantling of what has been in order to experience ourselves—to be more of ourselves.

Noticing all the places where the modalities and practices that used to work for you, simply don’t.

This episode’s invitation is to explore the unlimitedness and the beauty of who you are in this moment. Then choosing, through the confusion you might be feeling, more of what you want to birth right now through the force of love that you already are. Discerning the false voices that tell you you are at your wit’s end, and moving into your true voice and the song of—you being more of you.

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