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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Oct 15, 2021

My guest this week is Ashmi Pathela the creatrix, author and artist behind the book, Awakening the Heart of Humanity. She calls it, “a journey into remembering who you are and why you’re here.”

After a depleting career in silicon valley, Ashmi trusted the inner prompt to travel, to write, and paint again as she had in her childlike purity. Trusting the prompts of her heart, she continued to build her intuitive muscles, which led her away from striving and toward the flow of the language of her soul.

Ashmi found that as she became more true to herself creation naturally came through. She invites us to tune into what wants to flow through each of us by learning to deprogram what is keeping us in limitation. She says; “You know you are walking toward it just by sitting in the discomfort.”

We talked about what is birthing on this planet and how we can be the calm in the storm as things escalate by trusting the true voice of our heart. That voice will lead us to right action or non-action as we unravel our own programming and shadows to allow the new growth to begin. Ashmi says that from that place we can also trust that our loved ones are also warriors of light even if they take a path different from our own. Trusting, without division, that they are on a path that will serve their own evolution best. As she says; “If you trusted the divinity of it all, you would not be afraid.”

There were so many gems in this powerful episode. We closed with Ashmi sharing how to begin to recognize and release victim-hood—moving through empowerment—into powerfully living in joy knowing we are always safe. She says, “Empowerment is a frequency you can tune into and choose.”

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