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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Sep 29, 2021

Christine's guest in this episode of the podcast was Kate Joyner the creatrix of The Dancing Serpent Mystery School. The conversation opened by diving right into the alchemical art of self healing. Kate says the journey begins with knowing ourselves. To be able to truly know how we work and then beginning to operate more from the wholeness of ourselves and less from our fragmented selves.

Kate calls this tuning in, "the largest love affair we can conjure in our lifetime." She says, that place is the place of wholeness, our true inheritance, our healthy body vibrating with the frequencies of Earth. It is from that place we move into a relational embodied alchemical healing of the wounds and conditioning which are not part of our original human design. Kate's work has been to assist others to move into the place of their original design, or wholeness, into the alchemy of shedding the layers and letting go as we all step into the new story.

The conversation flowed into how ancient alchemy is a remembrance woven into our individuated embodied souls in this now moment—how we can recognize what we don’t need to bring forward—as well as, what our soul is calling in to create the new. Kate feels the ancient piece is the way the soul resonates within us. When we come to inhabit the Earth design we are naturally in service to this world, as she says, because in that place we will know our soul and know our true belonging.

Kate shared her own knowing that the erotic impulse is one way that Earth vibrates through us to get our attention, and it does that so that we can come into relationship with our soul. She says, following the threads of our longing is a path that leads us to the revelation of our soul. Through the natural frequencies, each one of us has a unique and joyful journey to uncover what it is our own longing is pointing us toward.

Kate created the Dancing Serpent in part to create a temple space for women to become their poetry. She says, when we become our poetry, we become our soul and free ourselves to become the deepest expression of our power to love and create.

This gorgeous episode closed with Kate reading a powerful poem she wrote called—Go Transmit My Frequency.

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