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Awakened Woman Self Care podcast

Aug 26, 2021

Christine’s guest is Gabriela Gutierrez, an independent scholar and practitioner of oracular arts and shamanism. The episode opened with a discussion about opening to joy/ecstasis even in the face of those most traumatic events that we are currently living. The definition of ecstasis is; “A magic state where your consciousness reaches another plane and creativity flows unimpeded.” Can we hold the place of the witness in the face of all the grief, fear and doubt and be with all that is unfolding, and—hold the joy.

We explored how our moment to moment choices can allow us to notice and dismantle some of the consumption based model that has not brought us joy and the true expression of ourselves.

Gabriela shared a powerful story of ancient wisdom through her recent experience of touring the prehistoric caves in Cantabria in Northern Spain, and how that experience can illuminate this moment, our relationship to Earth, and our relationship to our own bodies. She asks, if the Earth is the body and the body is the Earth and we are indeed made of stars and roses, then why is it we are causing her/us so much harm? How can we come into more harmony and communion with this Earth—being in our bodies, of and with the Earth again? How do we reclaim the organic idea of lover and eros and feel our feet on the Earth as part of everything?

We explored how to tune into your right action in each moment from a place of sovereignty and empowerment—moving in the direction of love to make the impossible possible. Gabriela says the body is the map and it will show us how to loosen and soften—expanding or flowering into the direction that is right for us, while allowing ourselves to evolve beyond what we think we are.

For Gabriela, the evolution of her work unfolded just before the lockdowns hit when she heard the words, “the virtual temple,” as she walked through the Alhambra (a sacred site in Spain). That became the platform for her passion to bring forward a revival of ancient wisdom and spiritual practice that is accessible to more people than it would be as an in person experience. She was able to create an all new kind of community, which is what we are all being called to create in this moment.

We closed by talking about dreaming and the impossible/possible as a means of dreaming our world into healing. Gabriela says we can choose to perceive dreaming as the landscape that can inform our life whether we are awake or asleep—and all we need to do is set the intention to enter into relationship with it so the impossible becomes possible—bee with that.

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